Ini surat KONSEN yang bikin heboh jagad sepak bola kita:

Jakarta, 18 April, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam at the FIFA Media Department
FIFA-Strasse 20, P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland Fax : +41-(0)43 222 7878.

(Please kindly give this letter to:
His Excellency, Mr. Joseph S. Blatter, President FIFA
Dear Mr. Jerome Valcke
Dear Mr. Geoff Thompson
Dear Mr. Thierry Regenass
Dear Mr. Nicolas Maingot).

We again thank you very much for taking your time to read our letters, faxes, emails, and thanks to all of FIFA’s firm stands on the developments in Indonesia, as we can read from email responses to us and the media here.

We now would like to report some updates about the most recent progress in Indonesia, so as to provide balanced information background for FIA in anticipating tomorrow’s discussion with the Chairman of the PSSI Normalization Committee, Agum Gumelar.

The April 14 meeting between the Normalization Committee and the (so-called) Group of 78 voters was really disturbing to the process of upholding FIFA’s decision launched on April 4. At least 2 members of Normalization Committee (Joko Driyono and Hadi Rudyatmo) told us: the informal meeting was under pressure of the Group 78 and changed into a so-called “Pre-Congress”. It was then established an Electoral Committee and Appeal Committee, which are almost all similar to both committees that resulted from the Pekanbaru Congress (March 26) whose legality was not acknowledged by FIFA (which is why FIFA Emergency Committee founded the Normalization Committee with very clear tasks). The members of Normalization Committee who talked to us also reported the serious pressure from the (so-called) Group 78 on them to sign a decision revoking official sanction on the founder of Breakaway or Run-away League (Liga Primer Indonesia), Arifin Panigoro, as well as on other actors involved in the league which was already called “not compatible with FIFA’Statute” by President Blatter.

Today, at 14:30 AM, we (KONSEN) and a member of Normalization Committee, Hadi Rudyatmo, held a Press Conference in Jakarta to show the media how the interventions are still in effect up to now. On Saturday, April 16, a middle-ranking military personnel from the Armed-Forces Headquarter visited the house of Hadi Rudyatmo in Solo, Central Java. He brought with him a letter without letter head, made as a decision of the Normalization Committee to revoke all 54 sanctions imposed during the period of 2007-2011, among others, to revoke the sanction on the founder of the Breakaway or Run-away League, Arifin Panigoro. When he rejected signing that letter, a high ranking military personnel called him in bad temper to influence him to sign the letter. That is why he agreed to talk to the press together with us today.

The main message of all these incidents is that we are aware of a conspiracy among some high ranking military personnel, with the founder and actors of the Breakaway of Run-away League (Liga Primer Indonesia), who still make every effort to force the nomination of George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro into the PSSI presidency, even though they were already rejected by FIFA following the decision taken by the Appeal Committee on February 28.

Thus, we again kindly ask FIFA to stand firmly in the upcoming meeting with the Chairman of the PSSI Normalization Committee, Agum Gumelar in Zurich. We also would like to share our observation that Agum Gumelar could likely bring with him a number of letters showing support to get FIFA’s attention so that FIFA might allow the re-nomination of several names rejected by the Appeal Committee and conformed by FIFA. These letters come from the same Group of 78, which already uses a lot of money, tools, direct and indirect threats, to achieve their objectives, including forcing the Normalization Committee to establish a new Electoral and Appeal Committee.

Finally, we will always strongly support FIFA to stand firm against any interests of conflicting parties, or even from the Normalization Committee, if they break the FIFA Statute, PSSI Statute, and the FIFA’s April 4 Decision. Thus, we fully hope that in the meeting with the Chairman of Normalization Committee, or any party that comes to talk with FIFA in Zurich, FIFA will show a consistent firm stand. This will seriously help to revive and strengthen the FIFA’s image, because some observers in Indonesia have been saying that FIFA tends to be “swaying with the wind” in the case of PSSI and that the problems in Indonesia get worse because it is related to the upcoming FIFA presidential election itself in June.

We still trust FIFA, and we even think Indonesia might deserve the FIFA’s sanction if the political elites, some of the club members, the Group of 78 Voters, as well as the Normalization Committee, intentionally do not obey the FIFA’s clear advice and decision.

Sincerely yours,

Anton Sanjoyo (KOMPAS Daily)
Yudhi Octaviadhi (BOLA Weekly)
Effendi Gazali (Graduate School of Communication, University of Indonesia)
Yusuf Kurniawan (TOPSKOR Daily)
Suryopratomo (Metro TV)
Saor Simanjuntak (Trans 7 TV)
Bagus Priambodo (TV One)
Tommy Welly (Sport Commentator, RCTI)
Andi Bachtiar Yusuf (Movie Director & Producer)
Ridho Hafiedz SLANK (Musician)
Ari Julianto (BOLA Weekly)
Doddy Jufiprianto (Indosiar TV)


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