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Jiwasraya turn down the acquisition offer

09 September 2009 | By: FAHMI ACHMAD & HA

JAKARTA: The acquisition plan offered by Relife would not run smoothly after the management of PT. Asuransi Jiwasraya expressed their refusal which is supported by the government privatization this year.

The president director of Jiwasraya, Hendrisman Rahim expressed that the refusal is from both the management and the employees concerning the acquisition plan made by PT. Asuransi Jiwa Recapital (Relife), or from other parties.

“If there is a party which is interested in acquiring Jiwasraya, then it is normally understood since Jiwasraya has bright prospects in national life insurance industry,” he said in press release, yesterday.

He said, the company he led has been involved for 150 years in the industry and has distribution networks which cover almost all parts of the country.

Jiwasraya’s stand is backed up by the statement of Deputy of State Minister fo…