Sugar imports by Bulog

White crystal sugar imported by Bulog has been reached today in Port of Tanjung Priok and as much as 6,000 tons at the port of Palembang as much as 1800 tons, so the total who have arrived in Indonesia as much as 7800 tons.

Head of Public Relations of Bulog Basirun said sugar imports are being demolished in the Port of Tanjung Priok. "There are as many as 6,000 tons in Priok Port, today being demolished," he said, today.

Sugar was purchased from Wee Tiong. Bulog had agreed to import 48,450 tons of sugar from Wee Tiong as much as 32,000 tons and from as many as 16,450 tons Maxwill.

The sugar imported by Bulog be dismantled at Teluk Bayur Harbor, Padang, which 4,000 tonnes is expected to arrive on February 13, 2010, Port of Dumai as much as 5,000 tons is scheduled to arrive on February 3, Bai Harbor Island, 2,000 tons of Bengkulu, Palembang Port of 4450 tons, Lampung harbor as many as 5000 tons, Tanjung Priok Port of 28,000 tons, so the total was 48,500 tons.

Based on the agreed contract, Bulog imported sugar will come in the port of Indonesia during this month as much as 11,950 tons. As for, the rest will come in Indonesia in February 2010.


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