Humpuss Intermoda's net profit Rp5 billion-Rp10 billion

Management PT Humpuss Intermoda Transport Tbk estimates 2009 net profit ranging from Rp 5 billion-Rp10 billion.

President Director of PT Humpuss Intermoda Transport Anthony W. Sumarlin said that during 2009 the company managed to record a profit. Although the net profit was not as good as 2007, but it is good enough compared with a loss in 2008 due to the impact of the global crisis.

He explained that almost all the Humpuss group's subsidiaries has positive performance record. "All the positive," he said, 29 January 2010.

In 2007, the company recorded a profit was Rp250 billion, but in 2008 the company was losing up to Rp55 billion.

He explained that the sector will be strengthened this year is the coal transportation business in the country. This will increase the Company's fleet of barges.

Currently, Humpuss through subsidiary PT Humpuss Transport Rainfall has 15 ships with a carrying capacity of barge average 8000 tons.


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